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We can install drilled caissons from 12 inches to 14 feet in diameter and over 100 feet deep in clay, sand, rock, and boulder laden soils. Using slurry shoring, steel casing, or dry hole method, we have installed thousands of caissons and pad foundations throughout the country.

Dietzel’s focus on industrial construction has led us to create the necessary tools, forms, and equipment to produce high quality concrete structures in a volume driven, but safe environment. Our experience and resources allow us to provide our customers with the best available construction methods. We can create and manufacture tools and equipment to solve unique construction challenges if necessary. Additionally, we are constantly reviewing and evolving our web-based site to ensure our crews stay informed and have all pertinent information at the touch of a button.

We can self-perform all aspects of the work. However, depending on schedule and project size, we use proven and trusted rebar contractors that can supply, tie, and deliver, and/or install as necessary to keep us on schedule. We also will outsource concrete pumping, large excavations, lifting, and hauling of spoils as needed to provide safe and timely project delivery.

Dietzel has tried and true relationships with vending partners across the state of Nebraska as well as a large portion of the United States, and we continue to seek additional partnerships in order to provide our clients a timely, economical and quality project

Who We Are?

Dietzel Enterprises has been in business for over two decades and has nearly a century’s worth of combined drilling and management experience. We have our own drills, excavators, loaders, and lifting equipment to perform all aspects of the work associated with Caissons, Direct Embedment Install, Pad/Pier Foundations and Slab-on-Grade Foundations.

Why Dietzel?



Dietzel Enterprises has a stand down bi-annually to reinforce our commitment to safety. To that end our safety manual is issued and reviewed with every new hire and at the safety stand downs. Every field and shop employee reviews and signs a task specific Job Hazard Analysis daily.

Additionally, an Emergency Response Plan is developed for every project and our field crews complete a site-specific Pre-Drill Setup which further assesses the site, power line considerations, utilities, etc.

Furthermore, Dietzel management is continually evaluating our procedures and performance to ensure they are consequential.


The Director of Operations, Crew Lead and Equipment Manager execute a Pre-Construction Briefing for every project. This briefing discusses project scope, equipment and material required and other project pertinent information.

Additionally, Dietzel utilizes a web-based site that provides the entire crew with all the information they need to successfully complete the project. This includes but is not limited to, Site Information, Project Contacts, Construction Documentation, Project Map/Location and site-specific Safety and Emergency information.

Lastly, once on site and before any foundation install is started, the crew completes our Pre-Drill Setup form which further assesses the site as well as utility and power line considerations.


Our employees are the backbone of our company. They are some of the most experienced personnel in the industry. We depend on their abilities and their cadence on the job-site. We foster a team oriented approach to maximize safety and overcome problems. Our success is a tribute to our workforce and company leadership.

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